Design & Art Direction

Blue Bay offers a full range of design services, not limited to:

+ Logo design + Name development + Tag line creation + Full corporate/brand identities + Colour schemes + Websites and apps + Flyers + Stationery + Copywriting + Social media identities + Signage + Interior fitouts + Vehicle graphics + Packaging design + Trade show stand design + Invitations + Book covers + Posters + Promotional material + Printing + Production management.

Something not listed here? Just ask me.


Developing a brand takes vision.

Not having a strategy is a bit like setting sail without a compass or a map.

You may think you have a basic idea of where your business is going, until a storm hits and next thing you know you’re shipwrecked.

So unless you savour the idea of drowning or even starring in your very own version of Survivor, you need to know where you’re headed, which tools and resources will get you there and what challenges you’re likely to face along the way.

There’s no need to cover the A-Z of marketing models and theories. Some basic strategic planning will help you stay afloat and on course.

My role in your brand strategy can be limited to simple advice, or at the other end of the scale, I write business plans and develop complete brand strategy maps.


Copywriting is writing words that sell - anything from ideas to products.

Uninspiring, lacklustre copy just wastes time and money.

Every brand has a personality and a story, and to be successful it needs to communicate these effectively and in line with a solid strategy. Think about all the points of contact a brand makes with its market: tagline, website copy, ad copy, marketing material, articles, presentations, even signage. Engaging copy is the fibre glass on a boat hull; even a great design can’t compensate for lack of it.

I inevitably rewrite any copy provided to me, however for a specific task such as websites, press releases, taglines, blog entries etc., it’s best I provide you with a quote.

360° Brand Management

Your brand is not what you say it is.

It’s the perception that exists in the mind of the consumer.

It’s everything people associate with your business, not just a logo. Your business card, the card stock its printed on, the way the phones are answered, email addresses, stationery, websites, press ads, corporate spaces, fleet vehicles, uniforms, service style and anything else you put out there.

Variations in the brand ‘story’ they communicate will dilute your brand’s strength.

Managing a brand in its entirety is referred to as 360° brand management. This isn’t achieved with good design alone – it involves a wide range of skills. Why do I offer them? That’s part of my brand story, which you can read about here.

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I choose to live and work on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. I like to travel, and have clients in far away places. Get in touch with me here.