I love brands

To me, it’s the ultimate form of creativity.

Not just the design of a logo and brand identity – although I am first and foremost a designer – there’s the naming strategy, the “why” of the brand, it’s story, the brand communication and of course, the plan to get from A to B.

I think of brands as living things. We give life to them, feed them, nurture them and watch them grow with pride. We plan a path for them, inject them with personality and mind their behaviour, especially in public. Eventually, they take on a life of their own.

Of course, there are many brands I work on just for a while until they are old enough to run by themselves, but the real fun is in developing a brand to it’s ultimate vision.

Remembering that a brand exists in the mind of the consumer, my special concern is with perception of the brand on every level. To this end I coach my clients on 360° brand management, ensuring that every single touchpoint with the target market is in line with our strategy.

So why do I offer all the skills needed for 360° brand management?

I've done my time in the advertising world, handling all kinds of brands and categories. I travelled around and eventually owned an ad agency in East Africa.

We handled some of the largest brands on the continent, from South African Breweries to Vodacom, banks, cars, retail... you name it. It’s hard to attract staff with the right skills in that part of the world, so you end up learning to do it all yourself.

I set up Blue Bay Design in 2002 on the east coast of Australia as a more peaceful return to my roots. No staff, smaller clients and less chance of my Mac and I getting fried.

Blue Bay Design is effectively a one-person brand management agency providing a full range of freelance services from graphic design to copywriting, art direction, brand strategy, naming strategy, marketing, advertising, project and production management.

Using a skill set acquired throughout my industry experience, I prefer to work with smaller clients who possess an entrepreneurial mindset and willingness to invest in their brand.

My specific interest areas are health and wellness, environmental conservation and green tech, but I enjoy the challenge of learning about any ethical industry.

I’d love to help your brand reach its full potential. Contact me here.