New Property Development

Solace Apartments at Kings Beach, Caloundra, was a high-end project featuring luxury apartments, penthouses and sky homes. The brief was to focus on the location and lifestyle and create a range of suitable marketing material. The client supplied nothing more than architectural drawings.

A 3D image of the building and interior was generated using the drawings. This was art directed with the client's input, and the project was named after the Old French word "solaz", meaning "pleasure, entertainment, enjoyment; comfort".

A library of lifestyle imagery and persuasive copywriting was integrated over the following collateral:

+ Marketing folio with plans
+ Brochure
+ Website
+ Stationery
+ Postcards

A PDF folio can be provided on request.

Services Provided

+ Naming strategy
+ Tagline creation
+ Art Direction
+ Design
+ Copywriting
+ Production management


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