Dr Posture

Chiropractic Aids

Dr Posture was an idea that deserved to reach its full potential. We had so much fun brainstorming a simple logo that it turned into ten logos and a full product range, exercise sheets, posters, packaging, website, bookmarks and promotional items.

Dr Posture is now a successful line of in-clinic products and training seminars

Services Provided

+ Design
+ Copywriting
+ Strategy
+ Naming strategy

Client Testimonial

“Anita inspired me to develop a simple concept into a full brand with a line of products. She has a remarkable ability to understand the needs of her clients, not only in terms of graphic design, but also from a perspective of brand development and market appeal.

She added value to my brand with her originality, creative design and practical marketing ideas. I could not have developed my business potential to where it is today without Anita’s help, and I will be forever grateful to her”.

Dr. David Shahar, Dr PostureTM, Australia/USA. 


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