Dave Olsen Painting

Corporate Identity

Dave specialises in the painting and decorating of colonial homes in the Brisbane area. His meticulous work has been a well-kept secret over the last few decades, as his loyal client base keeps him busy.

He now wishes to expand his business and formally position it as the premium, contemporary offer in his market. It made sense to use his personal name, time in the industry and excellent reputation as the basis for his brand. Painting an old house can take a long time and be a very personal thing.

The concept translated well across multiple mediums, and – combined with a solid social media and advertising strategy – should ensure a consistent flow of work.

Services Provided

+ Naming strategy
+ Brand positioning
+ Art direction
+ Design
+ Production management

Client Testimonial

"I was surprised when I first saw my new logo, because it wasn't at all what I was imagining. A second later I realised that it's exactly right. Our fence signs will draw attention from passing traffic and it's easy to see how well it will work on social media."

Dave Olsen


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